About USF

A Preeminent Research University and AAU member with campuses across the Tampa Bay region, the University of ͵Ƶ is dedicated to empowering students to maximize their potential for lifelong success.

Student Consumer Information

General Information About Our Institution

Learn about the associations, agencies and governmental entities that accredit, approve and license our institution and programs. Read our articulation agreements and transfer of credit policies posted in current catalogs. Check out how we protect the privacy of student records under FERPA. Access voter registration forms.

Student Life

Find out about student life and activities at our three campuses. Learn about the services we provide to ensure that all aspects of university life are accessible to all students. Use our Student Diversity Reporting Tool to learn more about the diversity of our student body.

Career Services & Post-Graduation Data

View our career services by ͵Ƶcampus location to see what we offer our students during and after enrollment. Peruse the types of graduate and professional education in which our four-year-degree-program graduates enroll. Consult our annual Teacher Preparation Program Report to learn more about how we prepare teachers for initial state certification or licensure.

Copyright Infringement Policies & Sanctions

Curious about our copyright infringement policies and sanctions, including computer use and file sharing? Read our policies on how to appropriately use our information technology resources and copyrighted materials as well as access Digital Media Copyright Act (DMCA) information.

Health-Related Prevention Programs

In an effort to safeguard the health, safety and well-being of all members of the ͵Ƶcommunity, we have established a university-wide and campus-specific drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs to assist our students in making healthy, responsible choices. Read our vaccination policy and vaccination compliance guidance to learn more about how the university complies with all state and federal guidelines requiring vaccination of students.

Instructional Programs, Facilities & Faculty

Learn about the educational programs, instructional facilities and faculty and other instructional personnel supporting our academic programs across USF. Learn about our intercollegiate athletic program by viewing our annual Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) Report, which contains information about our intercollegiate athletic program participation rates and financial support data.

Security, Fire Safety, Crime Logs & Reports

Access our Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports (ASRs) for each ͵Ƶcampus and/or location. These reports provide valuable insights into our security and fire safety policies including our emergency response and evacuation procedures; crime prevention programs; crime and fire statistics, and more.

Student Financial Aid: Contacts & Policies

Contact a University Scholarships & Financial Aid Services (USFAS) advisor for assistance in obtaining institutional and financial aid information. View the USFAS Code of Conduct for education loans. Read our Refund Policy regarding federal financial aid if you choose to withdraw from classes. Learn how violation of drug laws might affect a student’s federal financial aid. Know your financial rights and responsibilities as a student and more.

Student Financial Aid: Tools & Resources

Want to know what types of financial aid are available, including: grants, loans, state aid programs, work, or employment opportunities? Use our Aid Program At-A-Glance tool to learn more. Before you borrow money for your education, be sure to consult our loan counseling information. Need an estimated price of attendance information? Use our College Planning resources. Learn about private student loans, scholarships and more.

Student Outcomes

Want to know our student retention rate, overall graduation rate (also known as "Student Right to Know" or IPEDS graduation rate), or transfer-out rate? Look no further than InfoCenter, our online reporting tool. It gives you access to this data and allows you to customize the data views by gender/race/ethnicity, and more. Need to know these rates for students receiving athletically-related student aid? Contact Athletics Compliance.

State Licensure Disclosure

The University of ͵Ƶ is required to identify all academic offerings that lead to or are associated with a specific professional license and/or certification as a condition of employment. This information is available on a state-by-state basis.